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Acute Abdominal Pain

  • Cynthia M. Johnson, MA
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Acute Abdominal Pain

(Severe Stomach Ache; Abdominal Cramps)


Acute abdomen is sudden and severe pain in the belly. It can be a sign of a larger problem.

Abdominal Organs, Anterior View

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There are many causes for abdominal pain, such as:

Inflammation in the:

Health problems, such as:

Other problems such as:

  • Blockage in the small or large intestine
  • Lack of blood flow to the organs in the belly

In women:

In babies:

Risk Factors

The above problems raise a person's risk of having abdominal pain.


The symptoms a person has will depend on the cause. Common ones are:

  • Severe pain, swelling, or tenderness in the upper, middle, or lower part of the belly
  • Muscles in the belly that contract without control or are very tense
  • Fever


The doctor will ask about symptoms, pain, and past health. A physical exam will be done. This will involve checking the pelvis and rectum.

Other tests may include:


Sometimes emergency treatment is needed.

The goal of treatment is to ease pain and treat what is causing it. Options may be:

  • Diet or lifestyle changes
  • Medicines, such as pain relievers
  • Surgery


Acute abdomen cannot always be prevented. It has many causes.





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